Eventide falls, vanishes the light,
I step out of, my solitary flight.
Sailing through the sea of solace.
I join again, one preposterous race.

Rebounded are many million memories,
Childhood, city, college, fun without cease.
Re-echoed are many muted musical voices,
Family, friends, beloved and her choices.

I recall ole love, my love for Drop of Pearl,
Reverberant are abuses, for me she did hurl,
Anamneses of her beauty, aroma of her hair,
Towards me her betrayal, she didn't care.

Fragrance of her, her false love for me,
Memories of her, infidelities I did see,
Beauty of her smile, her mischiefs in love,
Shredding me out of her life, she did shove.

My songs for her, for her gracile innocence,
Are old lores now, sigh! I sung without sense.
The truth of this fairytale, mawkish, I misunderstood,
Chasing a mystic mirage, see clearly, how I could?

"You've no right on me" shouting, she did say,
With her "I'm done with you" demeaned I did decay,
"I'm better without you" she did burst,
I lost her delusion, she lost my trust.

Those days of guilty pleasure, yore I do recall,
When she said love words, me she used to call.
Shocked I grasped, her "I never loved you",
She shrugged to my aphonia and left the view.

Those late night talks, our warm romance,
Together we did dream, life together perchance.
Reveries of romantic rains, those of lovemaking,
Broke she all figments, she said "I was faking".

Love since dawn of sun to the dusk of moon,
She said she missed me, day, night and noon.
"I wish to wake you up, every morning" said she,
Making dark my every dawn, far she did flee.

And one fateful day, on our love evenfall befell,
She chose another man, my life she did quell...
"it's my heart it can fall for anyone" me she did shackle
Unfortunate omen of love, I couldn't help tackle.

From "you're my best friend, you won my heart",
To "you're ugly, poor poet, we need to part".
I didn't see it coming, trusted her as delicate dove,
Selfishly she used me, never valued my love.

I move on a solitary soul, reminiscent of old past,
Mesmerised by auld lang syne, lovely days never last.
Learned now lone now, I explore horizons,
Sailing sui generis, brightened by zillion suns.

Whatever happens in life, happens for a reason,
I accept this truce now, I accept her treason.
Discreet we forward, on discrete paths of time,
Twain shall never meet, never will we rhyme.

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