Darkness falls, early these days,
Whither she went, in the life's race,
ruthful love, I am living in a maze.

Neither she called, nor she said,
Leaving me lone, she’s going ahead.

Why did she leave, my love my passion,
Whither she went, breaking our relation.

Neither she complained, nor she sobbed,
Her one quick flight… left me robbed.

Her voice that echoes, in my ears till date,
Her heart that beats, for me my mate,
Where is she, where is my fate?

Over is the day, here dawns the night,
Where is she? Away from my sight.

Her shelter that I used to sing,
Flew away, as she got the wing…

Her flight I wasn’t able to trace,
Leaving me she went, ahead in the race.

My heart, my canvas, yearn for her,
The old memories, can never blur,
Whither she went, alone I wither.