I was sitting, in my room,
and was making, old memories zoom.
When there were, boys and girls,
friends and love, days were pearls.

I was made brick by brick,
by the people, flower and prick.
All had a chance, to help or kick,
but they helped me, with the best pick.

How my words can describe them,
Just one sound, pronounced as gem.
Friends and Foes, Kith and Kin,
they told me, harms of a sin.

Trees and leaves, vehicles and road,
path to success, made me trod,
How to carve, they nurtured in me,
Life on canvas, soul one can see.

Standing cross-legged at the shore,
watching cross-current of my the life,
They emotioned me feel, cool air blowing,
and beauteous wave of water flowing.

I owe my art to people who reflect,
all truth and patience, are always perfect.
I owe my music to people I respect,
the people whose player is always correct.

I owe my literature to many I love,
to my teachers, school and friends’ curve.
I owe this self to people never known,
I like them for generosity they shown.

Sentiments floating among friends there lies,
A whole world as shining pearl in paradise.
Presence in heart, and a gentle touch,
with an eternal serenity, always as such.

The togetherness and spirit, and no tensions,
A support always, required no mentions.
With sensitive eyes, one cold glance,
and friend gets it all, all in a chance.

Oh! God knows what bond ties,
Why for a friend do someone cries?
What is a friend, a girl or a boy?
Why their silence make us annoy?

What more or less - can I say,
How my regards to you - can I pay!
You’ll understand it - I’ve a hope ray,
You’re an integral part - of my night and day!