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Use Custom URL Shortner with Jetpack Sharing

In this post in WordPress tutorials, I’ll explain different ways you can use Custom URL Shortner with Jetpack Sharing module.

Jetpack is often regarded as the must-use plugin for a WordPress installation. Sharing module of Jetpack allows you to add sharing buttons for different social networks at the end of your posts, pages and archives. Jetpack’s sharing module uses URL shortner to shorten your post’s URL while sharing which is’s URL shortner. Moreover, the same URL is also used by the Jetpack publicize module.

However, if you don’t like URLs and would like to use or even better, your custom URL shortner with Jetpack Sharing module. Additionally, you can use them with Jetpack, without editing any code.

Why You Should Your Own URL Shortner

One of the most important reason is branding. When your post’s URL is shared on twitter or any other social network, you wouldn’t like your potential users to read the post URL’s to be on domain.

Jetpack adds features to WordPress

All the major blogs and news websites use Shortlink domains which is a play on the website’s main domain. For example, uses, Google uses You can also use one letter domains like twitter uses Or, you can also opt for a two letter TLD if your main website is on a three letter TLD as used by

How-to Use Custom URL Shortner with Jetpack Sharing

Choosing URL Shortner

First of all, you need to decide what URL shortner you want to use. There are two options:

WP Bitly

You can install’s official plugin WP Bitly. You can use this plugin if you want to use service. You can either use URLs or change default shortner in your account. To use this plugin you’ll need a free API key.

Additionally, you can use a custom domain on and set it as default. You can either create a meaningful sub-domain like or, or you buy a shorter version of your domain name, for instance, by omitting vowels or top-level domains like .co, .io, .me.


This is a PHP script you can install on your server and install its WordPress plugin on your blog.  Also, in this case you’ll be using your own sub-domain or shorter domain.

WordPress’ Default Permalink

If you would like to use WordPress‘ default permalink structure as shortlinks e.g. and not any other service or domain then you do not need to install any service.

Install Shortlinks for Jetpack sharing buttons plugin

Once you’ve installed the required plugin for the service you would like to use, install ‘Shortlinks for Jetpack sharing buttons‘ plugin developed by Automattic’s Jeremy Herve. The plugin will let you use the service and the domain you’ve chosen in the first step.

Now when your readers share any post, the new shortlink will be used instead of

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