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Services to Create A Free Website For Developers

There are many free website builders online and many premium ones. But if you’re a developer, you probably won’t like to create a website using those builder tools which essentially demarcate your skills as a designer and developer. There are many services with advanced features but not allowing to create free website for developers.

However, you don’t wanna pay for a web host either – and you also don’t want a free unlimited hosting company. So what? There are a lot of services – only for the developers like you!

So, let’s get started!

Create Free Website for Developers

GitHub Pages

This is a free service from our beloved GitHub! Your website as a repository exactly where you host your code. Even if your repository is private, your website would be public. GitHub pages are the webpages hosted and processed on GitHub’s servers.

You can write your webpages in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can also use Jekyll – which will make your development easier and efficient. For those who are new to Jekyll but have worked in back-end languages & databases like PHP and MySQL, then Jekyll will work in the place of that – on a small-scale.

While there’s an automated page generator on GitHub, you probably would like to develop locally among other repositories. Jekyll is a ruby gem and uses Liquid template engine. Moreover, You can even write your website in Markdown or Textile.¬†GitHub pages use varnish cache to make your website load faster. Hence, GitHub is arguably the best service to create free website for developers.


  • Jekyll – Create a¬†homepages, blog, documentation for your projects
  • Custom Domain
  • Varnish Cache
  • Git
  • GitHub Disk Quota

OpenShift Online

RedHat’s OpenShift is a Platform as a Service (PaaS). OpenShift Online allows you to develop and host your applications in the cloud. OpenShift Online comes in three flavors – Public PaaS, Enterprise and Origin. Origin is a community-driven open source version of OpenShift. Enterprise is Private PaaS and allows you to deploy your app in your private cloud.

Public PaaS version of OpenShift can be used to create your free website. In fact, you can create 3 websites in it as you get 3 small gears. Each gear or each website will have 1 GB of web space. You can choose from a number of applications to start your website or create an app yourself. Coolest thing is, it allows you to install CMS like Drupal and WordPress in a single click.

You can create your website in any technology you would like as OpenShift provides you a number of technologies to choose from including PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Node.js and a number of database systems. Additionally, you can also install and use Jekyll on OpenShift. Also, you can create a blog on Node.js using Ghost, if you would like. So OpenShift is indeed one of the best ways to create free website for developers if you want simplicity and flexibility like GitHub pages but more advanced features like Database and want to use full-featured CMS.


  • Create up to 3 websites
  • 1 GB per site. No limits on bandwidth.
  • Custom domain
  • A bunch of services to choose from
  • Shell Access

The only drawback in this one is CPU idling in 24 hours.

So let’s know which services would you like to use. Or if you’re using a service already, which one is that?

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