Personalize Windows 10 with these Free Themes

The latest version of Microsoft’s Operating System, Windows 10 comes with many improvements and new features. New personal assistant Cortana, Edge replacing Internet Explorer and integration of metro design within desktop are a few highlights.

You can customize the Windows 10 colors and start screen layouts by opening Settings menu and toggling and changing however you want like color and transparency of task bar, start screen. You can also make start menu to go full screen.

While all this is great, largest part of the screen is still your desktop wallpaper and the accent colors, if you have enabled, also depends on your wallpaper theme. In this post I’m listing a few of the best Windows 10 themes you can find in the personalization gallery on Microsoft website for all moods.

Snowy Night theme

This theme consists of beautiful images captured in night or dark. These superb wallpapers show how the snow can change the landscape. Theme description explains it more beautifully as:

From the hushed grandeur of the forest to the beckoning warmth of a cozy cottage and the magic of snow-covered city streets.

Download this beautiful winter theme consisting of 13 images for free for your Windows machine.


If you like wallpapers with space and celestial bodies, then this theme is for your inner astronaut. Theme consists of 16 photorealistic images of distant planets and outer space events. Released for Windows 7 originally, theme works great on Windows 10. Download this theme.

South Indian Beaches

This theme features 9 images clicked by photographer Shilpa S. Rao of the serene coastal waters of south Indian state of Karnataka. Download this theme to illuminate your desktop screen with pink and blue skies.


This theme contributed by Huỳnh Như and Nguyễn Minh Trực brings the simplicity of a single flower or the tranquility of a beach horizon. Download.

Community Showcase: Everyday Art 3

This theme consists of 21 images of daily objects that according to Microsoft, become extraordinary through the lenses of our community of contributors, who uncover the artistic potential of padlocks, sheet music, and measuring spoons. Download this awesome theme for your desktop from Everyday Art series.

Milky Way

One of my favorite Windows 10 themes, this theme in 9 images bring to your screen softly glowing ribbon of stars unfurls in the clear night sky, revealing eternally astonishing views of the Milky Way galaxy from around the world. Download this free theme.

NASA Spacescapes

Again for sci-fi geeks, this free theme from NASA decorates your screen with distant galaxies, dying stars, and the echoes of the Big Bang.  Roam the far corners of the universe with this awesome theme.

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