Best Free Online Chain Reaction Game For Windows & Android

Wanna play a strategical game like chain reaction with your friends but cannot because they’re away? Well, the solution is an online chain reaction. A new chain reaction game is now available on the Google Play Store and Windows Phone store and know what? It’s free.

The game, named ChainRx developed by an engineering student from India has 4.5 stars and lots of positive reviews on Play Store and Windows store alike. Game appeared first for Windows Phone and has already been upgraded to v2. The game has two modes: Online and Offline. Both the modes support at most 8 players.

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The game also has a ‘Undo’ button to undo the last move. Online game can be played by creating private rooms or joining any random rooms. The aim of every player in the game is to dominate the playing grid by eliminating atoms of all other players in the reactor.

ChainRx is an addictive game and a must-have free chain reaction game with lots of features for your Android or Windows smartphones. Additionally, ChainRx supports 512MB devices also.

You can download and install games by visiting Google Play Store or Windows Phone Store.

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