On the afternoon of a winter day in the third week of November 2018, I got a call. The person on the line informed me of being from SessionM and inquired if I'm still available for co-op. We scheduled the interview for the following week.

Two days after the interview I received the offer letter — and I began my internship a month later in January.

I thank SessionM for giving me the chance to do my first Software Engineer job. The internship had a slow start with me making mistakes and learning from them — as well as from my supervisor — who himself was a student at that time. For most of the part, the months of late December to March, in Boston, are almost a sight from Winterfell, and many times, even North of the Wall comes alive. And oh, I didn't want to do WFH in the first few months of my first job.

SessionM is a customer data and loyalty management platform — which is integrated with Salesforce clouds as well. I got the opportunity to work on SessionM's features for its Salesforce extensions, thanks to my manager, which helped me enter the world of cloud engineering and development with upfront hands on experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (previously Demandware) is basically a full featured platform for developing e-commerce websites. Additionally, it allows clients to install software to extend the functionality (called Cartridges). I implemented certain new features of SessionM Platform into it's Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge, besides minor tweaks and bug fixes.

I worked on several complex integration projects, using Java, Apex and JavaScript as main languages. One of the greatest advantages of my work was that the role involved coordinating internationally with SessionM's teams in Pittsburgh, PA and a third party firm in India, while developing, debugging through a large code database written by my predecessors. Not only I acted as a point of contact with multiple other teams, I even interviewed and mentored new interns who would end up building upon my work once after August.

In a summary, the projects I worked on included:

  1. Extending SessionM package for Salesforce Service Cloud with SessionM Notes module.
  2. Building features in SessionM cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud for SessionM Offers module using SessionM platform APIs besides other tweaks and bug fixes.
  3. Integrating SessionM OAuth 2.0 with these platforms.
  4. Designing, developing and deploying reports for automation environment using Java and TestRail API.
  5. Documenting all this work.

The work involved implementation of various RESTful APIs, writing code in Java, JavaScript and scripting in Python and Bash. The projects I worked on helped SessionM gain funding and high revenues from important clients like Salesforce and Brookstone.

My stay at SessionM was not just filled with hands-on learning but with a lot of awesome seaside views of Seaport area and — delicious Wednesday lunches and Friday breakfasts among other events — 🌮😋. More on that, later!

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