Those embossments of thy remembrance,
Why didst they conspire to be my reverie?
For no reason thy time trickled my trance,
Why didst those flowers aromatize thee...

Thou didn't hear my reverent love prayers,
My songs thee ignored, my wishful assets,
Those presumptions I had in my spheres,
Why didst they rile, appeared as regrets?

I chose to be my own culprit choosing you,
While you're all as nothing but my avarice,
This world falling in eventide pressed rue,
I asked god for nothing but a mere sunrise.

I fell in trap of love away from God's grace,
Spent every moment eschewed from real,
Fell from zenith did all mistakes in rat race,
While whole world was wiling me to weal.

Thee lashed and laughed off my songs,
Thy lips looked for me, and then forgot.
I waited and watched and wailed wrongs,
I helped thy thirst, was lone left, lost sot

The impressions I had of serene memoirs,
Why didst they become my life's journey?
I looked into clouds, cliff, cleared all choirs,
Why didst I lose to crepuscular ambiguity?

Left is falsidical fantasy, in frenzy I'm so lither,
As a dancing moonlight, I'm a lousy vagrant...
Midst of thy demarcations, a winner I wither,
Sound of salvation in solitude, whence vile rant.

Transient time of being is a sie, for eternal love lorn,
My admiration is ageless, for thy beauty and bangles,
My mithering meer, mashed me mere mourn,
Wishes never transcend, divine dream still dangles...

While my pyre burned all night, thee slept,
Away from me, in world's brimming embrace.
While all the mild memories reeked, I wept,
Thee dreamt of thy future, yon wishes did trace.

However I'm sorry, silent, as I shall remain,
My mares my misery, my mayhem, my mate.
Please hold on thy seas, thy tears pearly rain,
There is a flame, my life, it will be over wait.

I'm a mawkish poet, a hopeless romantic,
I've ciphers but some faith and friendship.
In nought twilight of life writing anacreontic,
With acute madness, I envisage quixotic relationship.

Something you couldn't say, words I didn't hear,
Sometimes I kept quiet, thy listening I did wait.
Our story ending this way, precinct of thy fear,
Universe shall echo, thy fragrance my fate!