Turn of the Pearl

Drop of pearl, is her name.
The art she is, else is lame.

Turn of the pearl, was a shock
Our love she broke, into pieces with rock.

With rock her heart, she’s my pearl,
Alone I cry, recalling past surreal.

Why past is, always so beautiful,
Why her voice still makes a pull.

Why her love, I cannot forget,
Why God made, me her target.

Why did I not, choose the path rife.
Why did I lose, sight for my life.

Oh I miss you, I yearn for you so much,
Please come to me, or I’ll die as such.

I’ll die as such, without love and thy view,
What I got in life, if I couldn’t get you.

Your voice that echoes, in my ears till date,
Thy lips had my name, on ‘em my mate.

Your love you said and it was the moment,
I will cherish forever, as sanity most recent.