Wandering solitary in the town of strangers,
Listening silence in the sounds of strangers,
Looking for someone in the sight of strangers,
Someone to smile with, someone to love.

Meaningless mistakes I make with no mends,
Feeling of familiarity I find with no friends,
Looking for someone to tie the loose ends,
Someone to walk with, someone to love.

Walking alone through morning and night,
Wading along depths of darkness and light,
Looking for someone neither wrong nor right,
Someone to sing with, someone to love.

Ages passed alone amidst snowy winters grey,
Aeons spent awaiting for unknown awry away,
Looking for someone amid cold, dead, decay,
Someone to meet with, someone to love.

Ending the time spent in remembrance of past,
Leading myself into dawn leaving overcast,
Looking for no one now, as no one will last,
No one to live with, no one to love.