Ruins of Yore

Whence this wind, that sways the soul,
Whence these words, making me prowl,
Whence her voice, her songs which tole,
Whence this light, flickering fires very ole.

Her sweet words till date I ponder,
For her hums when I did surrender.
Her eyes as two pearls as two dews,
When I sank in them, saw new hues.

Her lips I remember, red as rosy,
I treasure all her, snogs very cosy.
Her eyebrows how, would I paint,
When she shied, and smiled as saint.

Her face a beauty, my eyes enshrine,
I found myself, when I met sunshine.
Her sweet smile, a joy forever,
Moments of rejoice, I’ll forget never.

Her walks with me, a flittering butterfly,
With hands in my hands and a touch ply.
Her silent words what she couldn’t say,
She wrote in poetry, her heart her way.

I remember when for her, to god I prayed,
I remember all wishes, together we made,
I remember the secrets, those we shared,
I remember the dream, for which we cared.

I remember that last, goodbye she bade,
I remember the night, when she did fade.
When our love our friendship was at stake,
With tears we decided, to take a break.

Why these winds, make me mesmerise,
Why these rains, bring back her cries,
Why growls of night, address her silence,
Why these smokes, paint winces and violence.

Why God never, answered my prayer?
Why she never, returned to my care?
Why didn’t she hear, my eternal call?
Why without her, I can’t prevent my fall?

Awake at night, I count every star,
Awake in dreams, I fly further far,
Awake in storms, my life I mar,
Awake in wild, I watch wile war.

Alone in nights, I remember her,
Alone in dreams, I create blur,
Alone in storms, discrete I wither,
Alone in wild, I die hither.