Revoking The Rhyme

Thus stoppeth the sun, the moon was awake,
Thus moved the wind, for clouds’ sake.
It was raining on my path, I was wet,
I told her the truth as, again we met.

There was a time, I called her,
An angel in disguise, with me forever.
She was the princess, whom I dreamt,
Her serene face, in my eyes I kept.

Drop of pearl, I gave her the name,
She was my art, else was lame.
We were together, poet and poetry,
To all her terms, in love, I did spree.

Her voice I loved, as breath of heaven,
I rejoiced her smile, as a divine sweven.
Those were the days, she was sunshine,
In shower of her love, zenith was mine.

Those were the days, I lived galore,
When she was there, at the other shore.
I felt some words, were left on her lips,
Equivocal she said, change path and ships.

And then she left, back she didn’t come,
And no one shared, my cry my hum…
…Till the time she comes, for her I’ll wait
But beyond her will I, never curse my fate.

It’s over the time, I cried love my mate,
Over is the rhyme, I pleaded to create.
It’s over now, I revoke the metaphors,
I am done, I am wet, in all her colors.

Conjecturing I built, castles in the air,
Beyond foundations, devoid of her prayer.
Over will be yearn, for warm touch of her,
Together we grew, discrete we wither.

And thus I leave, her silence I listen,
Dreams I won’t weave, again it won’t happen.
The sheer delight, the sheer pain,
Now it’s all, All in vain.