Eventide eases in with eerie echoes of cooling breeze,
Farewell bids the sun as the lights of all lives cease.
Cimmerian clouds in the sky, look at the Earth placid,
Jasmine aromatizes at yon, a fading song I hear amid.

A lyric of yore reverberates at a yon nostalgic distance,
A poetry from auld lang syne, of melodious spring perchance.
Falls the snow soberly, traveling through the night,
Sleeps the Earth in sky’s womb, with no dawn in sight.

I drown deep, down into the delicacies of pious past,
Into the dreams, desires, the destiny that didn’t last.
Trying to lose myself to the memoirs of lost mortals,
In an endless catharsis, appetent for an end as immortals.

For no words wait to be drawn from my lips no more,
For no friends need my presence nor pledges I swore.
For no worlds wail on wars nor pray for peace I adore,
For I live in lucid, dreaming, with demise on my door.

Loss of love, penury of patience, termination of trust,
Define the remains of my relations, regretful they rust.
Macabre of life has no answer, except end it for must,
Silence substitutes songs, as the drama dies unto dust.

A flickering light fades far away with the twilight anear,
Sleep is a stranger, for these dark nights are my dear.
I close my eyes, from the dark of night into an oblivion,
Entering the eternity of ether, I exit the world stygian.

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