Forget Her Forever

She asked him again, what’s her name,
Drop of pearl, whom do you frame?
‘Be frank’ she said, answer to me,
Whence it comes, thy quixotic poetry.

He observed her voice, voice of music,
She knows perhaps, she’s his pick.
He made sere reply ‘ephemeral thoughts’,
His conscience now pricked, his acuity now rots.

He loves her voice, he likes her accent,
She’s cutest of all, for him she’s meant.
He limn her in words, he wanted to say,
By talking to him, she made his day.

Sun hides behind, the clouds amidst sky,
There she is as, sunshine showering joy.
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak,
Beyond her how’ll he, reach the peak.

Stories she said, of love of life,
Of suns, of stars, of rare, of rife,
He remembers them all, wars and plights,
He remembers all those, moons and nights.

But he did not speak, because he could not,
She’s the moon, she’s his thought.
A beloved unseen, a question unanswered,
Some words unspoken, with probity unheard.

‘Please say it all clearly’ she emphasized,
To all his orations, in sermons she replied.
As behind the clouds, sun hides, it glows,
She smiled and shied, shedding her brows.

Drop of pearl, is her name,
The art she is, else is lame.
For what he writes, for what he says,
Beyond her are lie, his nights and days.

It rains and thunders, love sky showers.
Her fragrance he is, she’s in all flowers.
Her rain he is, she’s sky twilight,
His pearl she’s and he shimmer bright.

The state of gloom and malediction,
He was in, alone living a fiction.
She came in his life for being with him,
Exfoliated his spirit with ace and glim.

The wandering mind, The wandering eyes,
For her, forever, his dream flies.
For people may see, For people may say,
For her, forever, he keeps ‘em at bay.

She’s beyond words, beyond all metaphors,
An angel in disguise, beyond all colors.
And thus he said, he told everything,
She now exclaims, she loses her zing.

All loves can’t meet ideal manifestation
All souls can’t reach desired destination
If the destiny defines, oneness they’ll gain
But he’s wailing, till that time in vain.

She consoled him, for the life uncertain,
If almighty wished, he’ll end their pain.
World nurtures prejudice and animosity,
But some relations are full of virtuosity.

Heavens may fall, the sun may glum,
But they won’t, ever abjure their hum.
However he must, forget and recover,
She bade him goodbye, live long and prosper.