Netflix is a favorite pastime for when there are no new episodes of my favorite shows on Amazon Prime or HBO Now, or when it's raining outside and it's night. However, Netflix has just so many shows and movies that it's hard to pick handful of them to follow at any given time.

Hence, after much scrutiny I started watching few safe bets and here are couple of shows I would are my favorite and why I like them — as well as some info if you would like to watch 'em as well.

House of Cards

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House of Cards is all about power. Francis (Frank) J. Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, desires to be President and wants to be in oval office along with his wife Claire Underwood.

From brutal nature of Frank including murders to coldness of his closest and most trustworthy aide Douglas (Doug) Stamper — if that's what real politics is like — then it's hard to fathom the true meaning of any political decision and action.

I like it for all the evil designs of Frank, no-nonsense characters like Tom Hammerschmidt and dedicated characters like Doug, and of course, how Claire is the President by the last season — who didn't care to pardon Francis.

Breaking Bad

If House of Cards is about the dark plots of people in public offices, hungry for power; Breaking Bad is about, well... dark plots — but of private people feeling powerless in a losing battle to cancer.

Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher, has a wife, son and baby daughter who discovers that he has cancer. Walter goes on to be and dies as the greatest meth cook along with his former student Jesse Pinkman and sells via a wide network through people like Gus Fring.

It's the most interesting show I've watched for all its twists, great dialogues and the depth in which characters are written. I think scenes of death of characters like Major Tom Hanks are as saddening as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones. Additionally, I really like the effort put in not just by the actors by also how it's all directed and shot — it's hard to not get addicted — Tread lightly.


If you're thinking I'm all about dark side of the life, well... wait — we gotta balance. There would be hardly anyone who's watching Netflix and not aware of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

It's one of the best sitcoms I've ever watched (and rewatched). While it ran for a decade after beginning 25 years back, the show is still as comical as many of the today's comedies and hence is one of the most watched.

If you're feeling low at any time, there's a high chance that F.R.I.E.N.D.S can cheer you up. It's just great.


Sherlock has 4 seasons with 3 episodes each but show didn't need more airtime for making its mark. The classic detective Sherlock Holmes with his friend John Watson solve crime in 21st century with access to internet and gadgets.

It's a show with focused energy, intelligence and bits of comedy. I can watch it multiple time and don't get bored. Each episodes is almost one and a half hour but it's for the best. Sherlock, his brother Mycroft Holmes, John Watson, Moriarty and their landlady Mrs. Hudson make the show as my all time favorite.

New season comes every two years and I wish they keep the show on!

The Flash

My name is Barry Allen, and I'm the fastest alive...
- Barry Allen

He's true, you know! The Flash is a sci-fi superhero show which I love. While I don't know how correctly are the concepts of singularity and time-travel used in the show, they keep the viewer addicted.  I wish Speed Force was real thing and that I could go and see all those timelines.

While The Flash does have similar basics like many other superhero story — issues on the side of parents, journalist girlfriend, and a red suit — it's set in 21st century and makes use of awesome tech.

With almost every character getting some sort of superpower, the show deals what all can be done with if used irresponsibly. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility (- Uncle Ben in Spiderman).

Now Watching

These days I'm watching two more of the greatest shows The Office and Better Call Saul and I'll update this list about what I love about them soon!