Make me a stranger to everyone, O! Almighty Lord
Such that no one knows me, but I know everyone.
An anonymous soul, a spirit not colored by feelings
A being without identifications, all emotions shun

The dust of universe, the blissful nectar of existence
The life is demise, the manifestation of eternal night
Beyond the non existent, beyond the word of man
With alacrity I walk beyond curse of wrong and right

I don't belong to neither species nor none forms,
I don't subscribe to religions, regions and any clan,
I'm beyond the five senses, relations and desires,
Beyond the breeze, soil, water, fire and any man.

The timeless, the spaceless, I'm alive and dead,
In all pasts and all futures, I'm present everywhere,
I'm the unborn, I'm the born, I'm the bearer, I'm death
I'm solitary, yet I'm with all, all breaths I share.

Dreamers lie but not the dreams, I lie but not me,
I'm the dreamer, I'm the dream, I'm the manifest,
I'm the uncivilized, I'm the civilized, I'm the civilization
I'm nothing yet in everything, every vale every crest.