How do I attend the peace and pace of my life person
Poor feelings present in the path persuade it worsen
Emotions entangle my logic, prevent critical thought
Weakness called love forces my rationale to rare rot

The happiness, smiles, laughter are a bait called joy
A moment of novel pleasure, is nothing but a cruel toy
Emotions are just a permanent State of emergency
Human goodness is a puny joke of selfish clemency

If smile isn't served, if aren't fulfilled the dry desires
Thence comes the anger, and wry words like fires
The emotion of agony for a beloved, yet at distance
The pain for penury for a fantasized Utopian existence

Deepak, emotions are worst fury of the fire that burns
Remain afar from this devil, it's the desire that churns
Let the relationships rest cuddled in a gory graveyard
Liberate thyself from anamneses, be ascetic scarred.