It was another break from the regular classes of morning, in my college, sitting in the computer lab and wondering what to do, I recalled my friend Shouvik's favorite topic to talk about – Ubuntu! Until then anything I had learned about computer systems and computing was of and for Windows, and a few definitions of Linux from my computers book.

Due to various reasons, like Windows coming already loaded in the computer systems and lack of marketing for Linux, Windows is regarded as a synonym to computers to any general user and even the computer science students at various levels. They bring marks in the subject, with flying colors, but don’t even know an alternative to Turbo C. However, now I know, Windows is just Windows. Stop looking at it, and jump out of it!

So, as I recalled the name, the next instinct was to use university's WiFi. Having it downloaded and saved into my phone's memory card, I came home and all excited created a boot-able USB stick for my Ubuntu 12.10 It took me some 30 minutes (being a beginner?).

Up to this point, I had not even tried to install a Windows OS myself.

After referring to some guide to get through with my first Linux installation, I booted my PC in Ubuntu and I loved it, not at the first sight but browsing through it, I realized something very amazing is waiting. Lead by some adrenaline rush, I chose the second option, and formatted my hard drive to install Ubuntu, only to regret the decision later and losing the pre-loaded Windows and some of the data.

But, I realized that Ubuntu is AWESOME and asked my friend, about the installation of Ubuntu, an avid user of the same. She guided me through and after partitioning my system in /ext4 journaling system I installed Ubuntu in a 50 GB space to begin my journey with Linux.

Till date I have installed and experienced many of the distros, including Fedora, Linuxmint, Lubuntu and Mageia. I did not like Mageia (KDE), as it was taking ages to boot on my laptop. I really liked fedora (for its desktop environment Gnome) but its certification issues were not allowing me to install any software. In the process of choosing my poison, I had once screwed up my lappy’s performance making it a multi boot system with 4 OSs.

After a bit of research, I installed the GNOME desktop environment in my Ubuntu, along with Gimp, VLC and others and I really love the Ubuntu now.