Wind brings a fragrance, my mind tries,
to recall the anamnesis, associated with
it. Going back in time, laughter and cries.

I'm mesmerized, for the fragrance is such,
Recollection of serene and soothing memories,
Stories of my life, a pleasure very much.

Why past is, always so beautiful?
Enriched reflections streaming live again...
Why echoes of east, still make a pull?

An escapist I'm, feuilleton I recite,
I limn the memoir of events, those
never happened, picking past plights.

Friends? Love? Who here is mine?
Revelation of solitude I spectate...
A song from yore, I listen I pine.

I'm mesmerized by the ecstasy of those,
Voices, soothing songs and the talks.
Feelings sempiternal when we were close.

Whence these winds, whence this winter,
Silent are the birds, solitary are the trees.
Whither the zest, of amnesty, lone I splinter.

Shredded pieces of my dreams lie around me,
In the vale of tears, I wait for an end,
To this turmoil, and tryst with thee.

My eyes search for Eos, old and beauteous,
An anonymous spectator to my dreams I'm.
This wasn't the destiny I admired courteous.

My heart is in dilemma, overwhelmed by thoughts,
Unbeknown to me, this life, my existence,
My wishes, my desires, my consciousness now rots.