I'm a Computer Science graduate from Northeastern University presently working at Google. I'm a poet and photography enthusiast. I also blog programming tutorials and experiments.

My Interest in Computer Science

My interest in computers begin at the age of 14 when I started learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and created a website. I developed few plugins for PHP social networking script Elgg while in high school and launched my first WordPress blog a year after. During my first year of undergrad, I fell in love with Linux and worked on Ubuntu and Fedora as my primary OS for most of my undergrad.

In the field of computer science, my interest lies in Robotics, AI and Machine Learning. I'm excited about the current research on robots for homes, deep learning for robots and security.

For my current work, professional interest and skills, please read Work page.

Apart for Computers

Apart from computer science, I'm highly interested in literature, particularly mythology. I began writing poetry when I was 9 years of age and have written over a 100 poems in English and Hindi. I like learning languages and hold an intermediate proficiency on Latin and Sanskrit besides bilingual proficiency of English and Hindi.

While I've not travelled much yet, however, watching and reading travelogues is a hobby I love and wish to travel more. For the taste of ears, I prefer classical music. Among movies, I like The Godfather, Star Trek, Star Wars, and 3 Idiots. Apart from that, I like photography, graphic designing and computer gaming.

Connect with Me

I'm available on LinkedIn and GitHub.